Customer Testimonials

I have a 1 year old German shepherd named Max that I do agility with and he is also my running partner! My vet had recommended me put him on Royal Canine German Shepherd formula as a puppy then graduate to the adult. I was feeding him 6 cups of food twice per day plus canned food and just could not seem to put weight on him and his coat and eyes just seemed so dull. I started looking around for better food options for my boy and came across Dusty Saddle Feed and Supplies contact information for their dog food specialist. After asking me all about my dog’s activity level and lifestyle they recommended that I start feeding Red Paw. They explained to me why Red Paw was made for extremely active dogs and said that it should help my dog start gaining some healthy weight. Within 1 week I began to see Max gain muscle and he seemed to have more lasting energy for the agility and running. I sincerely want to thank Casey at Dusty Saddle Feed and Supply for her great advice!

– Randy Weber

My name is Tammy and I have 4 cats. They are all American Short hair mixes. My cats used to shed so much and have a ton of dandruff. They also couldn’t seem to keep their food down, literally almost every day I would find a pile of hardly chewed kibble in a pile if vomit. I had seen that Dusty Saddle Feed and Supply had free consultation so I figured I would give them a try. Turns out that was the right decision because they have advice and the right products for my cats! They were able to explain why my cats were having all those problems. Now I have a better understanding how my cats work and what is good for them. Thank you Dusty Saddle for all your help.

– Tammy Miller

I have three small Chihuahua mixes that I love dearly but started getting over weight and finicky with their food. My vet had suggested Science diet adult small bites for my girls. For months I battled with my girls having diarrhea, vomiting and weight gain. After months of all of this my vet gave me a prescription diet for sensitive stomach. Two of my girls refused to eat it while the other gained another 5lbs as well as horrible tarter build up on her teeth. Frustrated at the decline of health in my dogs I started for different options. I was able to reach out to Dusty Saddle Feed and Supply and was amazed with the results.

After explaining all of the issues my dogs had been experiencing with Hill’s Science Diet , they explained to me that foods such as Science Diet have far too many carbohydrates, fat and grains as well as not having enough protein for an animal that is meant to consume meat. They suggested that I try Fromm and gave me a sample to take home. All three of my dogs love it and are now at healthy weights and the diarrhea and vomiting has all cleared up. Their eyes, teeth and coats are looking better than ever! Thank you Dusty Saddle Feed and Supply for helping my girls get healthy again and love their food!

– Kay Wellington